How To Take Diatomaceous Earth

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In This Section I Will Explain To You How To Take Diatomaceous Earth

It is best to start off by taking 1 teaspoon a day on an empty stomach if possible for the first 10 – 15 days then if you feel the need to take more then up your dose in small increments not exceeding a tablespoon at a time.

After you have been taking diatomaceous earth for about 2-3 months you may wish to increase your dosage to twice or even three times a day.

It is also recommended to take short periods of about 8-10 days off of taking diatomaceous earth as to allow your body’s immune system the chance to have to work harder and therefor develop & retain it’s natural strength.

How To Take Diatomaceous Earth:how to take diatomaceous earth

  1. Place empty glass of water on table.
  2. Gently scoop and place desired amount of food grade diatomaceous earth into empty glass.
  3. Slowly pour filtered alkaline water or any drink you may prefer into glass keeping face away from any airborne particles which may be become present.
  4. Stir for 1-2 minutes and drink.
  5. Immediately follow up with another full glass of water as diatomaceous earth has the tendency to dry your system out.


  • It is important to move gently during this process as to minimize the generating of airborne particle’s and having them end up in your lungs.
  • It is also important to drink more water than usual during the day when taking diatomaceous earth.

Food grade diatomaceous earth is relatively tasteless but it does tend to have a slightly chalky texture so you may wish to add it to juice or flavored water however I take mine with only alkaline water and have no problem with the taste whatsoever.

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