Diatomaceous Earth Reviews (Testimonials)

For As Long As I Have Been Taking Diatomaceous Earth I Have Yet To Come Across Any Bad Diatomaceous Earth Reviews

Here are some short and easy to follow diatomaceous earth reviews to help with your decision to purchase some for yourself.

Blue Starz:

“Love it, I take Diatomaceous Earth every morning, it keeps my stomach aches under control!”


“Everybody in my house takes this. Me, my roommate, my dog, my cats, EVERYONE! The animals never have any issues and everyone is super healthy.”

Carson Conn (carsonconn.products@gmail.com)

Food grade diatomaceous earth has been the single most important thing I have ever put into my body in my entire life. In the not so distant past I was in a desperate need to improve my health in so many ways and diatomaceous earth got me there within 2 months. That’s right a full body revitalization in just 2 months. Mind, body and spirit!


“This stuff is absolutely fabulous for fighting candida. It isn’t the tastiest stuff but we mix it with water and take it once a day and it really helps keep the fungus under control. It’s pretty amazing stuff. My husband and I have been using it for years and it works great.”

diatomaceous earth reviewsKaligirl896:

“This is good stuff, I mix it in my juice, mix it in the cats food, it even takes care of the Fleas on the Carpet, great stuff!”



Rachel R:

“Everyone needs this product in their home!”


“This is a wonderful product. I noticed a big difference in my hair and nails since I started using this product 5 months ago. I have now gotten my friends and family to use the product. So easy and cheap. Just a teaspoon twice a day in liquid and my hair is thicker and my nails are much stronger.”

Anonymous Diatomaceous Earth Reviews:

“Greatest product in the world received it RIGHT AWAY FROM AMAZON”

diatomaceous earth reviewsAlbert Peri:

“Great supplement and works as intended for health benefit. It has helped with my digestive problems and disorders. The taste may not be good but it works and found no side affect or problems.”



“This product met all my expectations. I felt much better taking it and will order again. It is easy to take and doesn’t taste. I would put it in some applesauce and it was like having a treat except that it was good for you.”


“This product is super effective. I noticed a change in my skin within 4 days.”

Anonymous Diatomaceous Earth Reviews:

“I have been taking this for a month now. I am seeing some changes already. I am very happy with this product so far. I believe that I will see more improvement as times go on!!”

diatomaceous earth reviewsvanjac:

“I’ve been using this product for 16 days. I went to the doctor for my blood pressure check. My blood pressure has never and I mean never been as low and on point,but since I’ve been using this silica. Unbelievable! I only take a half of a scoop in water per day. First in am and evening . My weight has dropped and I haven’t been doing anything extra to loose the weight. I’m sleeping better and my energy level has increased. So glad i decided to give it a try. I am just amazed and yes I will order more. For anyone thinking about trying, just don’t wait! I feel reenergized!!!”


“suffering from uti ecoli infections for at least 2 years. docs. keep giving me antibiotics. so my gut is a bit of a mess. a friend told me to try Sila Live. Amazing!.. I feel so much better. threw the last round of antibiotics out. seriously believe Sila Live cured me. I will continue to use this product, apparently good for hair, skin and nails. thank you, I will be ordering more!”

Anonymous Diatomaceous Earth Reviews:

“Amazing…helps take away pain in the body and give you soft skin”

Cactus Rose:

“This is an amazing product. I could tell a difference in my energy level and my skin, hair and nails in just a couple of weeks. I highly recommend this product.”


diatomaceous earth reviews“I have been on diatomaceous earth for approximately a year. My nails, hair, teeth, strength and energy have all been enhanced substantially. This SilaLive is great for your health inside out. Sleeping very well enhances my mental state of mind concentrating on job and personal achievements without a challenge due to getting my rest on a daily basis. Love it 🙂 I have zero health problems. One testimony … Diagnosed with frozen shoulder arm due to toxins in the body. My doctor said it could take 6 months to 1 year to recover. I wore a right arm sling for approximately 2 weeks. Suddenly I found out about diatomaceous earth and detoxifying results. I began taking SilaLive within 1 week I was out of the sling completely able to use full function within 2 weeks. The effects began immediately after consuming. My doctor told me whatever I was doing it was working. My dentist commented on how well my gums and roots of my teeth are. He said my body is doing what it’s supposed to do. He definitely recognized the difference of my dental health. My hair grew from shoulder to approximately half way down my back in less than a year. My hair is strong and healthy, with shine and no shedding. This product has caused my sugar crave to go away. My blood pressure under control no medicine ever prescribed. Controls weight gain because my choice of food is healthy. Hopefully my review will be encouraging.”

These are just a very small portion of the thousands of positive diatomaceous earth reviews out there. I hope that you now feel comfortable enough to purchase some for yourself.

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