Diatomaceous Earth Health Benefits (Amazing!!!)

diatomaceous earth health benefits







There Are Countless Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Health Benefits!

In my opinion one of the biggest contributors to poor health and disease is the inability to eliminate the many toxins that we are continually exposed to. This is why detoxification is such an integral part to staying healthy and keeping disease at bay. Now most people might do a detox every now and again but due to lifestyle it isn’t long until their back at square one.

Furthermore most detox protocols are quite intrusive stripping away the bad stuff along with the good. What if there was a way to continually detox the body and nourish it without eliminating all of the trace elements that it requires. Well there is, and it’s called food grade diatomaceous earth. Along with it’s detox abilities diatomaceous earth has been reported to have a wide variety of additional benefits.

Below Is A List Of The Various Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Health Benefits

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Promotes Healthy Skin & Teeth

Because diatomaceous earth is a strong abrasive, it is often used as a toothpaste and facial exfoliator. The process of exfoliation is important in skin care as it helps to remove dead skin cells that may give the appearance of tired, worn-out skin. The product’s natural silica content is also necessary for healthy skin, teeth, hair and nails and is often touted as a potent beauty mineral.

Diatomaceous earth reviews

Removes Heavy Metals

According to a top cancer researcher, it is also the best natural chelating agent available for pulling heavy metals from the bloodstream. many believe that the increase in the number of cases of heavy metal poisoning has occurred in part due to mercury in vaccines, fluoridated water, deodorants with aluminum and some seafood’s.

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Natural Source Of Silica

Years ago the silica in our food was adequate, but with today’s hybrids and depleted soils, only about 1/3 of the silica needed is supplied in our food. Food grade diatomaceous earth is composed of approximately 85% silica. This important trace mineral is required by tendons, cartilage, blood vessels and bones. The nutrient even contributes to almost every vital organ including the heart, liver and lungs.

diatomaceous earth health benefits

Promotes Weight Loss

A recent study showed that diatomaceous earth is helping people loose weight. When it is taken in the morning it helps curb their appetite throughout the day. Just one more reason to take it everyday!

diatomaceous earth health benefits

Repairs Lung Tissue

Diatomaceous earth repairs & maintains vital lung tissue that protects us from pollution.

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Reduces Coughing

Diatomaceous earth acts as a cough decreasing agent and reduces swelling because of it’s positive action on the lymphatic system.

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Destroys Bad Fats

Because food grade diatomaceous earth is so high in silica it is very effective at destroying the bad types of fat in your body while preserving the good types.

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Promotes Good Dental Hygiene

Silica protects our teeth and gums. By hardening the enamel silica prevents cavities and preserves teeth. Silica also helps prevent bleeding gums, gum atrophy and recession.

Diatomaceous earth health benefits

Prevents Alzheimer’s

One of the most remarkable diatomaceous earth health benefits is that Silica can help prevent or decrease the chances of Alzheimer’s because it stops the body from absorbing aluminium which is thought to be a contributing factor to Alzheimer’s.

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Helps Purify Water

Diatomaceous earth is commonly found in filtration mechanisms as it is able to filter fine particles which otherwise would pass through filter papers. This makes it helpful in eliminating tap water toxicity and makes drinking tap water more safe. (Although for maximum effectiveness and safety I always recommend drinking diatomaceous earth with filtered alkaline water)

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Decalcifies The Pineal Gland

Like kidney stones, proper hydration & cleansing is required on a regular basis in order to prevent the calcification of the pineal gland. Food grade diatomaceous earth will assist the pineal gland in effectively keeping calcium crystals from sticking together and becoming calcified.

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Lowers High Blood Pressure

Diatomaceous earth is used by many people for controlling high blood pressure due to it’s ability to flush heavy salt contents out of your body quickly and efficiently. Eating salt will ultimately result in a higher blood pressure due to extra strain on the delicate blood vessels leading to the kidneys.

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Lowers High Cholesterol

Recent studies have been done which resulted in diatomaceous earth being responsible for lowering serum cholesterol, lipoprotein cholesterol and triglycerides levels. The study concluded that Diatomaceous earth, a bioproduct, is capable of reducing blood cholesterol and positively influencing lipid metabolism in humans.

More Diatomaceous Earth Health benefits Include:

  • Reduces Osteoporosis & Joint Problems
  • Reduces menopause side effects
  • Helps to prevent kidney stones
  • Heals infections of the urinary track
  • Reduces swelling of the lymph nodes in the throat
  • Prevents baldness & stimulates hair growth
  • Ant-aging benefits
  • Promotes collagen & helps eliminate stretch marks and other skin ailments

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